How to Photograph Wedding Formals

Excellent wedding guide. Wort your time if you are wedding photographer.

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Bride & Groom Formal Wedding Photo at Saint Cecilia Catolic Church in San Francisco, CAIf you ask a wedding photographer about what is the most stressful and the least favorite part of the wedding day, there is a little doubt that the answer would be: The Family Group Photos or in short The Wedding Formals. I am yet to meet a photographer who would confess this is what they enjoy and looking forward to do on each wedding.

And yet, the wedding formals are integral part of the wedding and cannot be easily omitted. It’s the time after the wedding ceremony when the bride and groom pose with their parents, bridal party (bridesmaids and groomsman), extended family, friends and relatives. The posed and camera aware photos are what many photographers have been taking for a very long time that these are deeply engraved into the minds of each couple planning their wedding. These are the favorite photos for bride’s and groom’s grandparents and it…

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Smugmug vs Zenfolio: Photo Sharing Site Comparison

This is very useful article. Helped me to make a choice and pick Smugmug.

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Abstract Image by Trifon Anguelov PhotographyA portfolio is a must for any visual artist: graphic designer, animator, videographer or photographer. It presents potential clients with quick overview of the artists best work and sets the expectations of what to expect. It helps to visualize the vision and experience of the artists into 8-10 pieces of work.

I as a photographer decided to build and maintain online photography portfolio so that my clients can see my best images. And not just the images but also post-processing skills which I have built over time.

And are there plenty of choices one has for online portfolio? Yes. Way too many. But after reviewing some of them I was able to distil the options to two which I decided to consider: Smugmug and Zenfolio. The good part is that both offer 30 days evaluation period during which one can test the features of each offering and take them for…

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How to Display Camera Focus Points in Lightroom

Very useful article for all Lightroom photographers.

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Trifon Anguelov Photography - Chairs Every photographer knows that modern cameras use multiple focus points to allow a focus point to be selected before capturing the images. The number of focus points vary from camera to camera and the more expensive and sophisticated a camera body is, the more focus points it has. There is a dedicated auto focus sensor in each camera to allow the proper focusing. More advanced cameras even allow the photographer to group multiple focus points and let the camera select which focus point from the focus group to use for best focus.
And finally there is an fully automated focus point selection mode in which the camera selects and tracks a focus point continuously. So many great options and capabilities in modern camera bodies.
In post-processing when the images are downloaded and processes however, the focus point information (the location where the focus point was actually locked while capturing the…

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